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Ophthalmic Frames & Lenses

Ophthalmic Frames & Lenses

We are a trusted provider of ophthalmic frames and lenses for patients in Kenya, offering the highest-quality products for patients of all ages.


What kinds of vision issues can eyeglasses correct?


Today’s precise technology means ophthalmic lenses are more effective than ever in correcting a wide array of vision issue. Including refractive errors like myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness), presbyopia (age-related focusing problems) and astigmatism, as well as issues like problems seeing at night or while using a computer, and other types of vision issues. Plus, some lenses are specifically designed for sports and other activities where added eye protection is needed. During the office consultation, patients will have a chance to discuss their needs and preferences to ensure their lenses are ideally suited to their lifestyles.

Can I correct vision issues with Over-the-counter glasses?

Also called readers or reading glasses, over-the-counter glasses may seem like a good idea to help you focus on near work, but wearing them as a long-term solution is not a good idea. First, glasses from the store offer the same magnification in both eyes, and because most people have different vision needs in each eye, store-bought glasses provide inferior vision. Plus, the lens material they use is inferior to the precision-ground lenses that are available through an eye doctor. As a result, while these lenses may appear to provide an improvement in vision, they can be causing many issues to become worse. Finally, any vision change, including age-related vision changes – can be a sign of serious underlying vision problems. Choosing to wear lenses instead of having a professional eye exam may result in permanent vision loss or other serious complications over time.

How can I tell which ophthalmic lenses and frames are right for my vision?

Once glasses have been prescribed, the optical team at Odyssey Opticians can help patients select just the right frames and lenses for their vision needs, lifestyle, face shape and other factors to ensure the lenses and frames they receive are suited to their specific needs and tastes.

Some of the Brands of Frames & Glasses we offer:

Designer: Cattias, Ray Ban, ARB, SCZ, AOV

Budget Glasses: Kangsitd, NO-1 sport, Furrion, Safilo, Skyfall,

Contact Lens: On Order