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Eyeglasses Repairs & Fittings

Eyeglasses Repair, Fittings & Restoration

Broken frames? Twisted earpiece? All in a day’s work for us. Bring them on in. If they can be fixed, we’ll fix them. In addition to frames and lenses, Odyssey Opticians offer comprehensive repair, fittings and restoration services to support your visual needs. Our optometrists provide professional comprehensive, personalized and customized optometric test with state-of-the-art machines, creative approach to patients needs with unique, strong technological background and tailored services.

We have our own in-built workshop with qualified technicians and we have state of the art machines i.e. Auto refractometer, Slit Lamp, Ophthalmoscope, Auto-lensometry, Auto-edging machine (fully automated to do fitting in 5minutes)